Our story!

What is KiteTrip Planner about ? And where does it come from ?
Get to know about us and our adventure around kitesurfing trips,
right here and right now !

Once upon a time…

Aimé and I are deeply passionate about kitesurfing... And we have always felt that preparing our kitetrips was kind of like cooking. We all have our own tastes and preferences : there are some who dream of turquoise lagoons, and others who like better the powerful waves of a deserted wild coast...
But actually, what matters is having fun and sharing our passion !

Well, this is precisely what we’re aiming for through KiteTrip Planner : gathering all the information, all the « ingredients » you may need on an exhaustive, organized and intuitive website in order for you to make up your own trip and make the most of others’ « recipes » and experiences.

There are plenty of us, there is a whole community of kitesurfers out there. And we all have the same passion and some trip experience of our own. So join the adventure by sharing yours and drawing your inspiration from others’ !

Our crew :

What we live by

  • Life is short, let’s embrace it to the fullest
  • There is a whole world of opportunities out there, let’s seize them
  • Kitesurfing is meant to be shared, let’s keep it this way
  • There will always be untouched spots to discover, let’s go find them
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Aimé25 years
  • Drives his Fiat Panda everywhere
  • Wishes he could fly in the air
  • “Gee, if they serve Caipirinha, I need to be there”
Sarah25 years
  • Never takes off her beanie
  • Gets up every morning joyfully
  • “Nothing worth a fruit juice to get tipsy”